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Just Give Me A Reason (to wear) PINK

After a while it becomes difficult to write stories on the blog for outfit looks during Milan Fashion Week. That is because at Fashion Week nothing happens apart from 1 show every hour for 12 hours during 7 days, so people are just running from one place to another. For…

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omega in movement fashion blogger

Milan Fashion Week 2015 with Omega

As the World turns around, Milan Fashion Week 2015 comes again. It feels like yesterday that we were talking about Spring Summer 2015 trends and now with the sunny warm days still 1 months away we start talking about Fall Winter 2015 2016 trends. The fashion world has its own…

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omega constellation omega in movement

Constellation of Stars

The day I was given this vintage dress by my boyfriend’s mother I was over the moon. She tells me that everyone in the Milan of  the 60s and 70s would go through a long process to get dressed, starting with doing research in the magazines, going fabric shopping and then…

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Blogger Faces Milan Anja Tufina

Blogger Faces Exhibition

‘I’m making an exhibition at Alta Roma in January featuring the main Italian bloggers from different fields. Do you one be part of this photographic project?’ Hell to the Yes It was very short the conversation with Elena and the next day I was in her studio shooting. She thought…

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HP Intel Work from a Happy Place with Fuji

#WorkHappy from The Secret Garden

Work From My Happy Place Since getting my 5 month Great Dane puppy Fuji, the arrangements for my everyday work schedule have changed a lot. Walking her 3 times a day and getting her to play for at least 1 hour, had to find a place in my agenda. While…

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anjeza tufina fashion blogger thedollsfactory

Blue Wig

The time I temporarily dyed my hair blue I loved them, but I don’t know if  I would go for a permanent look which for sure would involve bleaching my hair. So during these winter sales, not wanting to end my first day of shopping empty handed I got this…

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parosh leather jacket lietmotiv top

Leather Style

Wearing Leather sleeveless jacket by PAROSH Crop Top Leitmotiv Leather pants Zara CULT boots The only season that I take out my leather boots, coats, jackets and shoes is winter. It is also the only season I might wear a total black look. Maybe it is because having a biker…

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anja tufina thedollsfactory fashion blogger

San Cristoforo Rowing

I’ve seen rowers under the burning sun of July and under the heavy rains of November rowing for hours along Naviglio Grande. There are three rowing associations close to my house, sharing the same channel and I always wonder what makes them choose this sport as compared to the usual soccer,…

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istanbul istiklal tram

Istanbul (not Constantinople)

Everytime someone starts taking about Istanbul, the 50s swing song  Istanbul Not Constantinople by Four Lads starts playing in my head. Usually I start to laugh and then have to explain what was so funny with the friend telling me about their latest trip to Turkey. Most people don’t know the song, and I…

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ezra tuba atelier dress

Istanbul by Night Shooting Ezra Tuba Atelier

Back in November Istanbul temperatures were very low. I had visited the city only on summer season and wasn’t ready for the cold and the rain. Imagine me trying to keep a straight face while shooting this Ezra Tuba Atelier off the runway dress outside in the streets of Karakoy at 4°C. It turned…

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