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Notting Hill

William: I live in Notting Hill, you live in Beverly Hills. Everyone in the world knows who you are, my mother has trouble remembering my name. Anna: Fine. Fine. Good decision. Good decision…The fame thing isn’t real you know? And don’t forget I’m… I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. In Notting Hill there is a travel bookstore that people seldomly visit  to go through rare travel books whose pages have become yellow with time. This is 1999 and the travel bookstore is a fictional place in the rom com movie Notting Hill. A…

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Rosewood London

In the middle of London’s Midtown chaos in  High Holborn street you enter a courtyard of silence and beauty, that is the courtyard of the Rosewood London Hotel. A building dating in 1914 and renovated in 2013 by designer Tony Chi, has now one of the most famous bars in London Scarfes.  You can feel a mix of Asian and British touches throughout the foyer, restaurants and the rooms. It has one of the most beautiful foyers I’ve ever seen with modern and old mixed together. Just picture grand archways, a 7 floor marble staircase, elegant black and white-adorned rooms and bespoke furniture. While at…

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Windsor and Eton

Wearing   Amelia Toro Skirt & Top Castaner Sandals  House fo Harlow 1960 Sunglasses ‘The Queen is in the house’ these were not the exact words but close, the message from the guards was that the Queen was in Windsor Castle for the celebrations of the Order of the Garter so no tourist were allowed to visit. If I had been smart enough to book it online I could have actually participated in the celebrations, which would have meant buying a proper dress and a fascinator. Most importantly I would have loved to photograph the ladies at the event but also the gentlemen…

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City Of The Perfect Light

If you are familiar with photography than you know that what makes a photo perfect is not the expensive camera, or a photography class, it is the light. London to me is the city of the perfect light, with the sun hiding behind clouds it all comes together working as a natural softbox. Have this natural softbox with a background of all white Kensington buildings, or the pastels of Portobello road and here you have the perfect dreamy photography. Wearing Twisty Parallel Universe Coat Parosh skirt 120% Lino shirt Castaner Shoes  

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Four Seasons London Spa with Wahanda

Can’t call it a holiday without some relaxing time. London is a vibrant city and can’t be actually considered a relaxing place, that is why to get some me-time away from the noise and people I booked a facial treatment at the Four Season Park Lane Spa.  Located on the 10th floor with amazing views of Hyde Park, rooftops and all the way to London Eye the spa can be considered the quietest place in London. With facials is a little bit tricky so I always choose carefully where to have my face treated. Everytime I’ve booked in the past,…

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A tourist in London

‘This time I’ll go and explore the unexplored’ was the initial mood of my trip to London, but is there anything left to be discovered in the city? Not really, so to make it more adventurous I took everything slowly and walked, walked for miles each day going through parks and backstreets. But in London is difficult to find yourself lost in the middle of the the unknown because wherever you turn you find a famous shopping street, the London Eye appears among buildings, and the Shard with it’s 87-story glass beauty will peek over rooftops giving you a sense…

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