Summer roadtrip albania

Albania Summer Road Trip

I’ve become the person that can turn a visit to her own country into a perfect touristic holiday. I have to be touristically enthusiastic given that I’m the tour guide to the boyfriend who wants to know everything and go everywhere. It gets stressful just before the trip to think of the next place to show him. I’m taking things slowly by showing one town at a time given that we’ll be coming back here for many years and in this way there will always be a new place too discover. This time I had a perfect place to go and visit,…

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Summer Roadtrip: Croatia Montenegro

I took the idea of an easy summer road trip so literally that I ended up on a two weak holiday packing just 1 pair of shoes, 3 dresses and 1 swimming suit. I wasn’t backpacking and having a car there was enough space to get the whole wardrobe, but I wanted to be free of everything. A summer free of clothes, technology and work thoughts, just my Kindle and a list of books that I have been getting throughout the year without having the chance to read more than the first 10 pages. I also managed to keep my phone…

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Scala dei Turchi Sicily

There are places like Scala dei Turchi ( Turkish Steps) that nature has gifted us all to admire and enjoy. Before visiting this magica place I will confess of never having heard of it before. The only white paradise of limestone I knew of was Pamukkale in Denizli, Turkey which I had visited a few years back. But here I had it right here in Italy and it was even better being just a limestone hill going straight into the blue Mediterranean sea. It is located just 15 minutes away from the Valley of the Temples and is perfect to be visited…

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Cala del Re Sicily

Everyone seems to be back from the holidays, at least physically because mentally I think we are still holding on to the sunny days by the beach. At least I am, because I haven’t been rushing to check my phone as soon as my eyes are opened, and I’ve managed to have more hours on the black and white screen of my Kindle than the colorful world of my Macbook. I know that the emails are piling up, and I’m breaking every rule of blogging including the one that seems to obsess everyone nowadays: posting at least three times per…

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Donnafugata Sicily

  Donnafugata Castle in Sicily is a rather modern building considering that most of the castles in Italy date to the medieval era. First built in the 14th century from the Chiaramonte family, it became the castle that we see now on the 18th century when bought from Corrado Arezzo, an eclectic man of politics that used the castle as a summer playground for his friends. Included in this playground are a huge park and a stone maze where it is said Corrado used to let girls get in and get lost, so that he could enter and be their hero bringing…

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Sicily Holidays of Walking

Life often passes by without us even realizing it. We are always looking for a way to speed something up, or at least make it easier. However, in this fast-paced world taking the time to “stop and smell the roses” is some advice we should all listen to every once in a while. In a car we miss the full experience of nature and enjoyment of our surroundings. The icy cold air conditioning eliminates fresh breezes and natural smells. We can drive by landmarks without even noticing them, too preoccupied with our cellphones. While in everyday life we may not…

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