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No Happy Hour, Just Cocktail Party

“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”  – Shakespeare The Merchant Of Venice It is the official 30. I’ve entered today the decade I so muched longed for as…

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Dirty Dancing The Musical

I must have been in second grade when I first watched Dirty Dancing and it became an obsession. So after getting the movie in VHS and playing it over and…

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Getting ready for Istanbul

Watch Omega Butterfly  Bag Giancarlo Petriglia SS15 Book Istanbul by Orhan Pamuk I am leaving for Istanbul tomorrow to attend the Ezra+Tuba Haute Couture show and from the previews I’ve been…

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Parosh Lets Rock

Parosh Fall Winter 2014 2015 – Let’s rock the winter with colors, layering different pieces to keep us warm and with some kick a** shoes. The second and last look…