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Ana Strumpf for iBlues iBloom

The best fashion collaborations are done with artists where we are given the opportunity to wear what usually goes on walls or stays on paper. Fortunately, starting from its creation in the 50s pop art has gone hand in hand with the fashion world. Andy Warhol was the first to make the association with his paper dresses,the most famous being…

lancia ypsilon mya

Lancia Ypsilon Mya

Lancia Ypsilon Mya is the latest redesign of the most loved car by European women. I can understand the fascination when you have a team dedicated to design innovation while also following trends. The time I visited the design offices of Lancia a few years back I was surprised to find the space arranged the same way you would find…

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Vinci, San Gimignano & Florence Postcards

Tuscany has become my second home lately, this due to the fact that my sister lives there and I’m using her house as a holiday home when I want to get away from the Milan chaos. Every weekend I’m visiting we are discovering some place new. Starting from Vinci the birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci, as in the old times…

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Kristina Ti White

White is the new black! Wearing Skirt & Coat Kristian Ti Alberto Guardiani CheriƩ shoes Dolce Gabbana Sicily bag

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