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Fashion Week 7 Days 7 Fragrances

Fashion week has started and I have prepared all the looks for the days ahead. I love to wake up in the morning see how I feel about my closet and then decide what I’m going to wear. Dressing up takes me 1 hour of thinking and going around the room and 10 minutes of actual picking clothes, shoes, accessories…

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CONSTANCE C. Spanish Red

Go bold or go home and nothing is bolder than spanish red. This look is also a bold move for the upcoming new designer Ziwen Zhou that in her first collections hasn’t played it safe with shapes and colors. Instead, she has decided to dress strong women who aren’t afraid of  making a statement. CONSTANCE.C is a brand designed for a modern…

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Fall Trends: Ruffle Dresses

The leaves have begun to turn various shades of russet, marigolds, and copper. Falling softly to the ground in silent homage to the snow that is soon to follow. It is Fall’s very own splendidly designed calling card, and a sign that change is the air accompanied by the smell of pumpkin spice. Soon we shall all begin digging in…


My Blend Review

I’m back from 2 months of travels and I need a holiday to recover from the holidays. I took a skin diagnosis with My Blend recently that analyzed my lifestyle and things got real. So starting from September I’m tweaking a few things in my day to day while relying completely on my new creams and boosters to do the rest….

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Alcoolique metallics

Shirt and Skirt Alcoolique Fall Winter 2016 This is one of the looks from last Fashion Week in February when I was wearing Fall Winter 2016 collections or as my personal joke ‘The clothes of the future’. Now the future has caught up with me and this look is already in the stores. I’m going to do a mix of…

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Jet Lag Tips with Darphin

One month of travels in 3 continents seems like a dream but it might have easily turned into a nightmare if I hadn’t managed the physical difficulties of changing time zones while flying. Fighting jet lag isn’t that difficult if you follow just a few travel tips regarding food, water, and skin care while up in the air. Jet Lag…

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Fall Trends: The Tartan Trend is Back

When I think of the tartan trend, I immediately think of Scottish Kilts or the heavy wool blankets that we used to have growing up. Tartan, or ‘plaid’ as some people call it, originally was made of only wool. However, with growing popularity in the print itself, it is now also made in many other materials. The Dress Act of…

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White Linen Dress

A white linen dress has been my summer uniform for all the recent travels. You can wear it from the morning to the evening and based on how you accessorize it you can dress it down or up. It takes the smallest space ever in your luggage and goes with whatever color or type of shoes. A key piece in…

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Fall Trends: The Velvet Underground

With its chic look, and simple elegance, it is without a doubt that velvet creates a sense of elegance that no fabric can. Whether it is a dress, on shoes, a handbag, or even a sofa, velvet has reinvented itself again and again over the years. What originated as a fabric for the wealthy, who used velvet in their outfits…

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Wedding in Tuscany

Fashion Blogger Wedding in Tuscany It is wedding season and I have RSVP-ed to one invitation only. That one was impossible to avoid because the invitation came from my parents and the person getting married is my brother, so I couldn’t say no. I’ve grown up attending lots of Albanian weddings which are the longest and most intense events I’ve…

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