Wedding Dress

Wedding in Tuscany

Fashion Blogger Wedding in Tuscany It is wedding season and I have RSVP-ed to one invitation only. That one was impossible to avoid because the invitation came from my parents and the person getting married is my brother, so I couldn’t say no. I’ve grown up attending lots of Albanian weddings which are the longest and most intense events I’ve…

Glow in the Dark Dress

Stepping into L’Atelier Sangalli, a historic haute couture house in Italy, I did not expect to see a dress with lights. The walls were ornamented with oval-framed vintage pictures of their custom-design wedding dresses and there was a huge antique wardrobe. The room was full of carefully embroidered pieces, yet the main centerpiece was a plain white wedding dress. When I…


As a blogger I feel so blessed working with brands that that I love like Parosh. I was over the moon when I was asked to shoot the Spring Summer 2014 collection for the launch of the P.A.R.O.S.H online shop. It was really difficult to choose just two outfits, when I wanted actually to wear everything from their colorful collection….